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   It was a sunny day and the scorching heat seared through her transparent silk dress, causing her to hasten her steps as she crossed the street and entered the hotel. Nikki loves her job as an Escort and she works for the London Escort Agency , she had received a call from her Agency earlier that day which required her to visit the North London Escort Agency office and pick up a package which contained the information and location of her client as her Agency handle the identities of their clients with utmost care. It was an outcall job and her services would be required for the rest of the day and the next day. Nikki is a short, plump and curvy lady with flat stomach and wide hips, she derives pleasure in satisfying her clients and was determined to give her new client his best experience ever.

   She walked straight to his room and knocked, a deep baritone voice asked her to enter and she stepped into the room. His back was towards her so she couldn’t see his features clearly, he turned and smiled when he saw her. As his eyes roamed slowly over her body, staring intently through her transparent dress, she could tell that he was pleased with what he saw.

  ‘’ London Escort Agency sure has the perfect escort for everyone, what is your name, Beauty?’’ he said as he strolled towards the table which was at the center of the lavishly-furnished room, allowing her only a side view of his face.

  ‘’Nikki’’ she answered, then he turned, signaled at her to have her seat and he started walking towards her. Nikki assessed his features and concluded that he should be in his mid-forties, rich and probably a workaholic.

‘’Well… Nikki, I hope you are really as good as you look, I’m here on vacation and I hope to go back with wonderful experiences. You can call me Max’’. He sat on the couch opposite her and crossed his legs. His sitting posture indicated that he loves being in control and Nikki decided that minute to make him experience being under the control of someone.

  ‘’ I would like to take a shower’’ Max said as he got up and walked towards the bathroom, he took off his shirt and was about removing his pants when he heard ‘’Do you mind if I join you?’’. He turned to look at her and his eyes widen when he saw her, she had removed her transparent dress and was now clothed in only a black thong which barely covered her nipples and perfectly outlined her wide hips.  She had removed the pin that held her long hair together and it now fell to her shoulder.

‘’No doubt, the goddess of perfection created her’’ he thought. With her huge boobs threatening to spill out of the thong, hair falling to her shoulder and hands on her waist, she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen and his body reacted immediately. He could feel his erection straining under his pants, struggling to be free.

 ‘’ Oh Nikki!, you must join me’’ he drawled, excitement noticeable in his voice. He removed his pants hastily while she seductively wriggled out of her sexy thong. He led the way and she followed him into the bathroom. Max turned on the hot water as soon as they entered the shower, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her naked body and the soap slipped from his hands because he found it difficult to concentrate.  He tried to pick up the soap and his hand brushed her taut nipple in the process, excitement raced through his spine and the soap dropped again. Nikki smiled at his impatience, picked up the soap, and she started washing his body, from his shoulder down to his chest, through to his stomach and paused when she got to his waist. She knelt between his legs and slowly washed his balls, then she moved on to his dick, taking her time to admire the size and weight of his manhood, gently stroking him to full length. Ryan gritted his teeth and threw back his head, placing both hands on the wall. Still kneeling between his legs, she washed his thighs, legs and feet and allowed the clean water to wash the lather away before turning the water off.

   Nikki cupped his balls and gently led his erection into her mouth, she closed her mouth over his engorged dick and he let out a loud grunt. She slowly stroked her tongue across the length of him, nibbling on his thighs as he grew harder in her mouth. He reached down to drag her but she evaded his hand, he grabbed her hair and she sucked harder at his dick, taking his full length into her mouth at once. She gently teased the tip of his dick with her tongue and he moaned aloud, she rubbed his dick between her palms carefully and with amazing expertise. She sucked his balls and the skin below them.

When she finally decided that the torture was enough, she placed both hands on the wall and arched her waist backward. Max wasted no more time and he hurriedly grabbed her waist with one hand and slid two fingers into her pussy to prepare her body for his entry. Nikki tightened her pelvic muscle around his fingers and he whistled softly. He dipped his fingers deeper and higher into her pussy, he drew out the moisture and rubbed it on his dick before leading it into her pussy with the other hand. The wetness that welcomed him into her and the tightness that enclosed him forced him to take a sharp breath, he pushed deeper into her pussy, thrusting violently and ferociously until he was in her to the hilt. Max paused and grabbed both of her boobs in his hands as he slammed his hips against hers, moving faster and deeper, plunging into her harder. Electricity coursed through his body as he felt his orgasm close.

He withdrew quickly and repositioned her such that she was bent on all fours and he was kneeling between her parted legs and he guided his dick into her once again. Determined to savor every bit of pleasure this time, he moved slowly and gently into her, gradually increasing the pace until he was deeply buried in her. Max held her waist and hammered fiercely and wildly into her. Nikki rocked her body forward and backward to match the rhythm, she managed to balance herself on one hand and she grabbed his balls with her other hand. He screamed and thrust heavily into her, pounding towards orgasm and he slammed into her one last time.

  ‘’ Oh Nikki! Oh Nikki!’’ he drawled as he buckled violently and shot his semen deep inside of her. Max crashed against the wall of the bathroom, completely drained of all energy. He managed to stand upright without leaning on the wall and held Nikki close. He turned on the hot water again and allowed it run through their bodies, they dried themselves and left the bathroom.  Exhausted and spent, they slept off.

  Nikki woke up sometimes during the night and decided her client has had enough rest so she covered his nipple with her mouth and pulled the hairs on his chest, Max snuggled and she slipped her fingertips down to his stomach, trailing her fingers across his belly button and down to his thighs, she drew circles on his flesh and he stirred restlessly. She leaned over him, cupped his balls in her hands and squeezed them gently, his eyelids fluttered and opened. She dragged her fingertips over his dick and he shivered in response, as if on cue, his dick also stood erect. Nikki slid onto him, rubbing her entire body over him and grinding her waist up and down his dick.

‘’ This is one hell of a way to start the day’’ Max whispered.

 She grinned and changed her position such that her mouth was directly above his dick while her ass was directly above his mouth, she bent her head and covered his erection with her mouth. He sighed heavily, grabbed her ass and brought it closer to his mouth, then he gently opened her pussy with his finger and delved into her with his tongue. She cried out loudly as he probed deeper and deeper into her and she softly nibbled the tip of his dick, he groaned and she rubbed his dick between her hands causing him to make a hissing sound.  Max opened the fold of her pussy, exposed the tiny bud and licked it thoroughly until she moaned loudly and grabbed his legs for support. He teased her clit with his fingers, rubbing the sensitive bud between two fingers and also placed wet tender kisses on it. His tongue explored every part of her pussy thoroughly and she cried out in intense pleasure when her orgasm came in clenching spasms causing her to jerk fiercely.

 Nikki changed her position once more and she straddled him, grinding her waist seductively over his erect dick as she bent to kiss his chest. She eased herself down unto him, crying out a little as he thrust up to meet her. He groaned at the moist warmness and pleasure her pussy gave him and he lost his mind.  She rode him fiercely and passionately with her hands on his chest and back arched. She whined her waist in circular motion, moved up and down, giving his dick enough space to travel deeper and higher into her. Max grabbed her boobs in his hands, squeezing and kneading them at the same time. He pinched her puckered nipples and she bit her lower lip to muffle her scream, she rocked him harder, increasing the pace until she felt waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She raised her ass and supported it with both hands so she could bounce harder on his dick.

Nikki paused for a minute to slow down her orgasm, placed her hands on her knees and rolled her waist in a circular motion. She rubbed her clit with a hand and squeezed her boob with the other hand, still bouncing up and down his dick. She threw her head back and moaned as pleasure rocked her entire body. Max moaned as she reached between their bodies to cup his balls in her hands, he needed to be inside her that very minute.

  ‘’I want you now’’ Max screamed and she chuckled.

  Then, holding her hips against his, he rolled over and began to thrust slowly into her, moving his hips expertly against hers. He felt tension build as he moved with deliberate slowness inside her. Nikki dragged him closer and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, running her tongue along his collarbone and neck. Max captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hungrily, teasing it with his tongue.  He  lifted her by placing both hands under her ass and positioned her so that every thrust ground him  against her clit and then, he increased the tempo and slammed his hips wildly against hers, hammering faster and faster, plunging into her until he felt her shudder in his arms as her orgasm hit her forcefully. She clenched her teeth and shivered, jerking in ecstasy. He spread her legs farther apart and pushed deeper into her until only his balls remained outside, he thrust violently into her and grabbed her ass with one hand. Nikki wrapped her arms tight around him, draped a leg across his shoulder and pinched his butt. He shoved hard into her forcefully and violently for the last time and he collapsed in her arms as he released loads of semen into her pussy. Completely sated and tired, he rolled off her .


   ‘’ London Escort Agency is truly the best Escort Agency ever’’ Max said as he fell into a deep sleep.

Katie is one of the London escorts who also renders outcall escort services, she is 5ft 5 inches tall, busty beautiful blonde, with a nicely shaped body. She was trying to catch some sleep when she received a call from the agency, informing her that her service is required by a client at an address that would be sent to her shortly, she loves outcalls because she enjoys taking her clients to the height of pleasure possible in their own comfort zones. She took a quick shower and was putting on her newly purchased red lingerie when the address came in. She left her apartment and took a cab which took her to the address. It was a hotel, apparently her client was in London for a business meeting, he was lounging on the couch in the room with a bottle of champagne beside him when she entered. Her client is a young man in his late thirties, handsome in a rugged way, the scent of his cologne filled her nostrils and she recognized the distinct scent of the very expensive cologne, her client is definitely very rich. She removed her cloak and saw his eyes widen when he saw the sexy red lingerie that outlined her shape perfectly, his eyes roamed over her body, stopped to assess her boobs which was upright and firm, her flat tummy, cute pierced belly button and curvy hips, his eyes lingered on the triangular mound between her legs for a while before moving down to the matching red heels and he became aroused just looking at her. Katie saw what she was doing to him, so she leant forward to pick the bottle of champagne at his feet, giving him a closer look of her boobs, having picked the bottle, she straightened her back, poured some into a glass and took a sip. Her client understood that she was intentionally playing the delay game to make him go wild, he smiled and started removing his clothes, Katie tried not to show her surprise, so she smiled too, she was going to love this experience no doubt. Her client, now naked on the couch started rubbing the length of his dick, deriving pleasure in stroking himself to hardness in the presence of his escort, Katie was getting turned on watching her client pleasure himself in such a sensual manner, her nipples puckered in anticipation, she moved towards the couch and replaced his hand with her mouth, taking all of his dick into her mouth, teasing the tip of his dick with her tongue, he made an hissing sound then laced his fingers in her hair and she started sucking his dick hungrily, licking it from the tip to the balls, he was breathing really fast and loud as she increased the pace, sucking him ferociously. He grabbed her head with both hands and held it there, just when he thought he was going to explode, Katie straddled him, shifted her lingerie to the side to expose her pussy, then she eased herself down onto him, taking him in completely. She bounced up and down his dick, whining her waist to match the rhythm, she let out a soft sigh as he thrust up to meet her. She rode him fiercely, hip arched forward and head thrown back, he grabbed her hips and drove violently into her  then he gritted his teeth, his release was only a few moments away. Katie saw this and quickly got off him and covered his dick with her mouth, nibbling the tip until he buckled violently, releasing loads of cum into her mouth and face. He went limp and groaned as she licked the drops of cum left on the tip of his dick.

 She left the couch and picked her bag from the floor, she brought out a bottle of oil then went into the bathroom and returned with two clean towels and hot water, then she dropped the bottle of almond oil into the bowl of hot water, she washed his whole body with a towel and warm water, preparing him for the massage. She started by massaging the soles of his feet, applying pressure with her thumb, then she moved to his leg, gently kneaded the right calf and covered it with a towel before moving to the left, she then rubbed the sides of his spine gently, he moaned when she got to his shoulder, she rubbed it expertly that he immediately felt his tension ease. She turned him over and poured a large quantity of the almond oil in her palm and started massaging his dick, rubbing his soft dick between her hands until it got harder and bigger, her client gasped for air as he felt his dick straining and stretching. Katie removed her lingerie seductively and started rubbing her body with the oil, paying special attention to her big boobs and pussy, teasing her client by dipping a finger into her pussy and playing with her clit. Her taut pink nipples were begging for his attention and the need to plunge himself deep into her warm pussy overwhelmed him, he couldn't hold back anymore, he got up and carried her swiftly to the bed, he laid her on the bed and buried his head between her legs, touching his tongue to the short blonde curls on  her pussy before dipping his tongue into her pussy, he held her legs still for the deep thrust of his tongue into her already damp pussy, causing a shudder in her, she was whining her waist in pleasure and he filled his hands with her boobs, he was  surprised by their size and firmness, he pinched a nipple and she moaned.  she was shaking by the time he eventually inserted his dick into her pussy, pushing himself into the moist  and warm flesh, she clung to him as he cupped both of her big boobs, kneading them softly, he wrapped one arm under her ass and lifted her, driving his dick wildly into her pussy, she made a small keening sound of pleasure and he responded by thrusting his dick deeper still into her as he neared his climax, he slammed his hips hard against hers  one last time and he groaned harshly as he spilled his seed deep inside her, then he went still. Hours later, while he was still sleeping, Katie gently eased herself out of the room, the agency said he needed her for the night and it was already morning. She got home and climbed into bed and slept, she was about fixing lunch when she received another phone call from the agency, her client from the night before had called the North London escort agency that morning and specially requested for her service as an escort to an event and all through the night. She grinned, obviously, her client wanted more and she was definitely going to give him the best. Katie got to the venue of the event and found him waiting outside for her, he couldn't hide his excitement as his eyes roamed over her body, he hooked her arm in his and they went inside, she discovered that his name is Ryan and he was one of the specially invited guests. He couldn't take his eyes off her as they were led to their seats, his eyes kept wandering back to her creamy cleavage. Ryan couldn't wait to take the party home as he slid his left hand under the table and gently caressed her laps, feeling the softness through the dress, he allowed his hand travel upward till it got to the soft mound between her legs, his eyes darkened with desire as he remembered the pleasure the moist and warm pussy beneath the dress brought to him the night before. Katie winked at him and licked her lip, he lost his control that minute, dragged her up and mumbled his apologies for having to leave early. At last they got to his hotel room and he pinned her against the door, cradled her head in his hands, then covered her mouth with his, thrusting his tongue deeper into her mouth. She leaned into the kiss and kissed him back, he was fully aroused and his erection strained against her lower abdomen, sensing his urgency, she dropped her purse and wrapped her legs around his waist so that she could cradle his erection in the aching notch between her legs. With both hands now on her ass, he rammed his dick into the soft spot between her legs and they both moaned in pleasure, he rammed harder into the spot and squeezed her ass tightly as another wave of pleasure hit him. Ryan set her down, tore his mouth away from hers and hastily removed her dress, he whistled when he saw that she was wearing a sexy red G-string, he fumbled with his belt, wishing he could rip the trousers completely, he managed to open the zipper and his massive erection sprang free, he pushed her pant to the side and sank one finger into her soft and damp pussy, drawing the moisture out to prepare her body for his entry, Katie shivered and wrapped her arms tightly around his head, then she tightened her pelvic muscle around Ryan's finger, clasping his finger in her wetness, He groaned and hurriedly replaced his finger with the broad tip of his dick, he grunted as he guided his erection into her, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders as he pushed into her, stretching her completely, then he thrust harder and faster and she bit her tongue. Cupping her ass in his hands, he positioned her so that every thrust ground him against her exposed clit, he slammed heavily into her, pounding towards orgasm and she screamed, Ryan dropped his head forward as he began hammering faster and deeper, shivering with intense pleasure, she buried her face in his chest and bit his shirt to muffle her loud moans. Katie felt as if she was on fire with the amount of pleasure that rocked her whole body and she arched forward to meet his hips just as he slammed his hips into hers and they both exploded in ecstasy. Ryan smiled and removed his clothes, then led her to the bed, spent and completely exhausted, they slept.

 When she woke the next morning, he was still sleeping, she laid her hand on his thigh, playfully tracing her finger to his dick that was hanging low, she cupped his balls in her hands, gently weighing it, he stirred and she leaned closer to him, touching her nipple to his chest and moving it in a circular motion, he opened his eyes and lifted her so she could lie on his body, then he cupped her boobs in his hands and led one taut nipple to his mouth, he sucked it greedily until she moaned with pleasure, she started grinding her waist over his dick until it became hard and then she grabbed his balls with her right hand and squeezed softly, he moaned and bit her nipple, she teased her clit with the tip of his dick savoring the pleasure and enjoying the responses she was getting from him. The torture was unbearable for Ryan so he lifted her hips and shoved his dick into her, groaning at the warm welcome her pussy gave him, she placed both hands on his chest and drove him higher and deeper into her, he rubbed her clit between his fingers and she threw back her head as she increased the pace, moving with the rhythm, Ryan bit her nipple and Katie moaned aloud and bit her lower lip to control the wild rush of desire seeping through her blood stream. She rode him fiercely until he jerked violently under her, groaning as he splattered his semen deep into her pussy at the same time her orgasm hit with full force. Smiling, Katie knew Ryan would definitely call her escort agency whenever he was in London, they offer the best services.



Finding an escort in Zone 1

London is split into zones by the transport companies to use for their charging structure. London is split into 6 concentric zones with 1 being the centre of London and zone 6 being the outer ring. Zone 1 is not only the most expensive to travel through but also contains most of the tourist attractions, major rail terminals and the city of London financial district.

With all these amenities comes hordes of restaurants, bars, night clubs, shows and alongside all that comes a cost. To live in this area of London costs a lot of money and many of the people that live here are very well off. The most expensive areas of London are found here with property in Kensington, Chelsea and the City of Westminster being viewed as the most expensive in the country.

As central London is also a place for nice hotels there is a lot of call for escorts in this area of London. What better way to spend an hour or two than with a beautiful zone 1 escort out for drinks or tucked away in your hotel. Many business men come to London and take advantage of the abundance of escorts in the area. A lot of people feel more comfortable in their hotel or house so will book an out call escort to ensure they have a great time in their own surroundings. It is always more hassled and not as comfortable in your place rather than finding a girls flat and not really knowing what you will find inside.

Vixens have always specialised in providing out call escorts in London and its surrounding areas as we feel this is the very best service that we can offer our clients. We deliver the escort to your door or to your hotel on time every time as we know our clients are busy people.

We always have a great selection of girls ready and willing to meet you so check out our daily girls. If you want to book further in advance have a look at our full list, choose the girl for you and book your self in.




What are the positives and negatives of working as an escort in London?

With any job there are ups and downs and advantages and disadvantages and being an escort is no different. Some of them will be very apparent to everyone and well documented but there are others that should be considered as well. So let’s take a look at both and see why so many girls are attracted to the industry. As we only cover greater London we have also included some points about working as an escort specifically in London.

So what are the good points?

Well first and foremost there is money to be made, sure as with many jobs there are those at the top and those at the bottom but if you are a decent escort you will earn good money. This is normally paid in cash and we would always recommend the girls pay their taxes but obviously some do and some don’t which gives them a larger disposable income. Because the girls earn a good amount of money from each encounter they can decide on their availability and decide how much they want to earn. If they decide to work lots of hours each day then they could earn significant amounts. By the same token if they were not that driven by money and only wanted to do a couple of meetings a day then they could still live comfortably.

Surprisingly a lot of the punters want to meet at lunch or in the afternoon. Most people presume that this is a business that operates mostly at night time but that isn’t the case at all. When you speak to many escorts they say a lot of their business, if not the majority, comes during the day. This in itself has its advantages in that some escorts are mothers and they can fit their escorting around their day to day lives and having their encounters whilst their children are at school could be ideal for their home life.  

The girls get cash each time they meet a client so there is no waiting for payday in this industry, people who work in an office job for instance and always get paid on the same day each month have to budget and make sure their money lasts, the same isn’t applicable to London escorts who will get paid most days.

If you are good at networking then escorting can be a great job for you. During your time you will meet some very rich and influential men and you can use these connections to either increase your escort client base or widen other interests. Escort are not doing escorting because they failed in other aspects of life there are lots of very clever, well educated, well qualified girls that are escorts it is just that they have decided this is what they want to do at this stage of their life. Lots of escorts move on to run their own businesses or move into the corporate world and connections you make now could help you in the future.

As an escort if you work up and deal with good clients you can be taken to some amazing restaurants, parties, events and maybe holidays abroad. Escorts who become, for want of a better expression, VIP escorts often get to experience the finer things in life and may travel business class, stay in top hotels and receive amazing gifts. Some girls live for this life style and their job allows them to experience and enjoy it.

Some of our escorts like the fact that they see lots of different men, they feel tied down by one guy and are not ready or wanting to settle down and get married etc. They actually enjoy sex and love making and their job allows them to enjoy their passion and get paid well for it at the same time. I guess it’s similar to a guy being a footballer, loving the sport and getting paid well for it.

Obviously our escorts are based in London so we feel our escorts have an added benefit of working in such a great city. They have lost of rich men to pay for their services, they have a huge pool of men that may be interested in their services and who could well pay a premium rate. They also have lots of foreign businessmen and tourists who could also be available to them. London is one of the worlds capitals where escorts can flourish the most.

So what are the bad points?

I guess the one disadvantage that most people think about is that the girls may be in danger that some guys may take advantage and push things too far and undoubtedly that does happen occasionally. Most escorts will have a story to tell of an occasion where things haven’t gone smoothly with them or one of their friends. At Vixens Escorts we deal with that in a particular way, we have recognised the fact that when the girls are alone with a punter we have no control over what goes on. We set up our escort agency some time ago to be an outcall escort service i.e. our escorts only come to you, you never come to their place. We also don’t let them travel there alone we employ drivers who take the girls to their meetings, wait outside whilst they are there and drive them back again after. The girls feel safe and protected and know that if there is a problem they have one of your drivers outside all the time. This has meant that a lot of our girls have been with us a long time as they love that safety aspect of our agency.

The other downside that most people think of is the stigma of being an escort. Many don’t tell their parents and family what they do for a living, some don’t tell their friends or even their partners. In days gone past escorts were seen as one of the lowest occupations. I don’t think that is the case now but it is still seen by many, though not all, as a dirty industry. The stigma may also mean escorts find it hard to lead a normal life and also find it hard to find a partner and have a family. It can be hard for a guy to fall in love with an escort who may also be meeting a few other guys each day. Separating personal and business life can be very tricky.

All of our girls and 99% of girls in this business are self-employed so they get no benefits, no sick pay, no paid holidays, pension, no health care plans. This means the girls need to be careful and plan ahead to cater for this shortfall. We do try to advise the girls and help them out with all this needs so hopefully they can rely on a prosperous future as well as enjoying life today.



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