What are the positives and negatives of working as an escort in London?

With any job there are ups and downs and advantages and disadvantages and being an escort is no different. Some of them will be very apparent to everyone and well documented but there are others that should be considered as well. So let’s take a look at both and see why so many girls are attracted to the industry. As we only cover greater London we have also included some points about working as an escort specifically in London.

So what are the good points?

Well first and foremost there is money to be made, sure as with many jobs there are those at the top and those at the bottom but if you are a decent escort you will earn good money. This is normally paid in cash and we would always recommend the girls pay their taxes but obviously some do and some don’t which gives them a larger disposable income. Because the girls earn a good amount of money from each encounter they can decide on their availability and decide how much they want to earn. If they decide to work lots of hours each day then they could earn significant amounts. By the same token if they were not that driven by money and only wanted to do a couple of meetings a day then they could still live comfortably.

Surprisingly a lot of the punters want to meet at lunch or in the afternoon. Most people presume that this is a business that operates mostly at night time but that isn’t the case at all. When you speak to many escorts they say a lot of their business, if not the majority, comes during the day. This in itself has its advantages in that some escorts are mothers and they can fit their escorting around their day to day lives and having their encounters whilst their children are at school could be ideal for their home life.  

The girls get cash each time they meet a client so there is no waiting for payday in this industry, people who work in an office job for instance and always get paid on the same day each month have to budget and make sure their money lasts, the same isn’t applicable to London escorts who will get paid most days.

If you are good at networking then escorting can be a great job for you. During your time you will meet some very rich and influential men and you can use these connections to either increase your escort client base or widen other interests. Escort are not doing escorting because they failed in other aspects of life there are lots of very clever, well educated, well qualified girls that are escorts it is just that they have decided this is what they want to do at this stage of their life. Lots of escorts move on to run their own businesses or move into the corporate world and connections you make now could help you in the future.

As an escort if you work up and deal with good clients you can be taken to some amazing restaurants, parties, events and maybe holidays abroad. Escorts who become, for want of a better expression, VIP escorts often get to experience the finer things in life and may travel business class, stay in top hotels and receive amazing gifts. Some girls live for this life style and their job allows them to experience and enjoy it.

Some of our escorts like the fact that they see lots of different men, they feel tied down by one guy and are not ready or wanting to settle down and get married etc. They actually enjoy sex and love making and their job allows them to enjoy their passion and get paid well for it at the same time. I guess it’s similar to a guy being a footballer, loving the sport and getting paid well for it.

Obviously our escorts are based in London so we feel our escorts have an added benefit of working in such a great city. They have lost of rich men to pay for their services, they have a huge pool of men that may be interested in their services and who could well pay a premium rate. They also have lots of foreign businessmen and tourists who could also be available to them. London is one of the worlds capitals where escorts can flourish the most.

So what are the bad points?

I guess the one disadvantage that most people think about is that the girls may be in danger that some guys may take advantage and push things too far and undoubtedly that does happen occasionally. Most escorts will have a story to tell of an occasion where things haven’t gone smoothly with them or one of their friends. At Vixens Escorts we deal with that in a particular way, we have recognised the fact that when the girls are alone with a punter we have no control over what goes on. We set up our escort agency some time ago to be an outcall escort service i.e. our escorts only come to you, you never come to their place. We also don’t let them travel there alone we employ drivers who take the girls to their meetings, wait outside whilst they are there and drive them back again after. The girls feel safe and protected and know that if there is a problem they have one of your drivers outside all the time. This has meant that a lot of our girls have been with us a long time as they love that safety aspect of our agency.

The other downside that most people think of is the stigma of being an escort. Many don’t tell their parents and family what they do for a living, some don’t tell their friends or even their partners. In days gone past escorts were seen as one of the lowest occupations. I don’t think that is the case now but it is still seen by many, though not all, as a dirty industry. The stigma may also mean escorts find it hard to lead a normal life and also find it hard to find a partner and have a family. It can be hard for a guy to fall in love with an escort who may also be meeting a few other guys each day. Separating personal and business life can be very tricky.

All of our girls and 99% of girls in this business are self-employed so they get no benefits, no sick pay, no paid holidays, pension, no health care plans. This means the girls need to be careful and plan ahead to cater for this shortfall. We do try to advise the girls and help them out with all this needs so hopefully they can rely on a prosperous future as well as enjoying life today.



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