Finding an escort in Zone 1

London is split into zones by the transport companies to use for their charging structure. London is split into 6 concentric zones with 1 being the centre of London and zone 6 being the outer ring. Zone 1 is not only the most expensive to travel through but also contains most of the tourist attractions, major rail terminals and the city of London financial district.

With all these amenities comes hordes of restaurants, bars, night clubs, shows and alongside all that comes a cost. To live in this area of London costs a lot of money and many of the people that live here are very well off. The most expensive areas of London are found here with property in Kensington, Chelsea and the City of Westminster being viewed as the most expensive in the country.

As central London is also a place for nice hotels there is a lot of call for escorts in this area of London. What better way to spend an hour or two than with a beautiful zone 1 escort out for drinks or tucked away in your hotel. Many business men come to London and take advantage of the abundance of escorts in the area. A lot of people feel more comfortable in their hotel or house so will book an out call escort to ensure they have a great time in their own surroundings. It is always more hassled and not as comfortable in your place rather than finding a girls flat and not really knowing what you will find inside.

Vixens have always specialised in providing out call escorts in London and its surrounding areas as we feel this is the very best service that we can offer our clients. We deliver the escort to your door or to your hotel on time every time as we know our clients are busy people.

We always have a great selection of girls ready and willing to meet you so check out our daily girls. If you want to book further in advance have a look at our full list, choose the girl for you and book your self in.




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