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   It was a sunny day and the scorching heat seared through her transparent silk dress, causing her to hasten her steps as she crossed the street and entered the hotel. Nikki loves her job as an Escort and she works for the London Escort Agency , she had received a call from her Agency earlier that day which required her to visit the North London Escort Agency office and pick up a package which contained the information and location of her client as her Agency handle the identities of their clients with utmost care. It was an outcall job and her services would be required for the rest of the day and the next day. Nikki is a short, plump and curvy lady with flat stomach and wide hips, she derives pleasure in satisfying her clients and was determined to give her new client his best experience ever.

   She walked straight to his room and knocked, a deep baritone voice asked her to enter and she stepped into the room. His back was towards her so she couldn’t see his features clearly, he turned and smiled when he saw her. As his eyes roamed slowly over her body, staring intently through her transparent dress, she could tell that he was pleased with what he saw.

  ‘’ London Escort Agency sure has the perfect escort for everyone, what is your name, Beauty?’’ he said as he strolled towards the table which was at the center of the lavishly-furnished room, allowing her only a side view of his face.

  ‘’Nikki’’ she answered, then he turned, signaled at her to have her seat and he started walking towards her. Nikki assessed his features and concluded that he should be in his mid-forties, rich and probably a workaholic.

‘’Well… Nikki, I hope you are really as good as you look, I’m here on vacation and I hope to go back with wonderful experiences. You can call me Max’’. He sat on the couch opposite her and crossed his legs. His sitting posture indicated that he loves being in control and Nikki decided that minute to make him experience being under the control of someone.

  ‘’ I would like to take a shower’’ Max said as he got up and walked towards the bathroom, he took off his shirt and was about removing his pants when he heard ‘’Do you mind if I join you?’’. He turned to look at her and his eyes widen when he saw her, she had removed her transparent dress and was now clothed in only a black thong which barely covered her nipples and perfectly outlined her wide hips.  She had removed the pin that held her long hair together and it now fell to her shoulder.

‘’No doubt, the goddess of perfection created her’’ he thought. With her huge boobs threatening to spill out of the thong, hair falling to her shoulder and hands on her waist, she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen and his body reacted immediately. He could feel his erection straining under his pants, struggling to be free.

 ‘’ Oh Nikki!, you must join me’’ he drawled, excitement noticeable in his voice. He removed his pants hastily while she seductively wriggled out of her sexy thong. He led the way and she followed him into the bathroom. Max turned on the hot water as soon as they entered the shower, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her naked body and the soap slipped from his hands because he found it difficult to concentrate.  He tried to pick up the soap and his hand brushed her taut nipple in the process, excitement raced through his spine and the soap dropped again. Nikki smiled at his impatience, picked up the soap, and she started washing his body, from his shoulder down to his chest, through to his stomach and paused when she got to his waist. She knelt between his legs and slowly washed his balls, then she moved on to his dick, taking her time to admire the size and weight of his manhood, gently stroking him to full length. Ryan gritted his teeth and threw back his head, placing both hands on the wall. Still kneeling between his legs, she washed his thighs, legs and feet and allowed the clean water to wash the lather away before turning the water off.

   Nikki cupped his balls and gently led his erection into her mouth, she closed her mouth over his engorged dick and he let out a loud grunt. She slowly stroked her tongue across the length of him, nibbling on his thighs as he grew harder in her mouth. He reached down to drag her but she evaded his hand, he grabbed her hair and she sucked harder at his dick, taking his full length into her mouth at once. She gently teased the tip of his dick with her tongue and he moaned aloud, she rubbed his dick between her palms carefully and with amazing expertise. She sucked his balls and the skin below them.

When she finally decided that the torture was enough, she placed both hands on the wall and arched her waist backward. Max wasted no more time and he hurriedly grabbed her waist with one hand and slid two fingers into her pussy to prepare her body for his entry. Nikki tightened her pelvic muscle around his fingers and he whistled softly. He dipped his fingers deeper and higher into her pussy, he drew out the moisture and rubbed it on his dick before leading it into her pussy with the other hand. The wetness that welcomed him into her and the tightness that enclosed him forced him to take a sharp breath, he pushed deeper into her pussy, thrusting violently and ferociously until he was in her to the hilt. Max paused and grabbed both of her boobs in his hands as he slammed his hips against hers, moving faster and deeper, plunging into her harder. Electricity coursed through his body as he felt his orgasm close.

He withdrew quickly and repositioned her such that she was bent on all fours and he was kneeling between her parted legs and he guided his dick into her once again. Determined to savor every bit of pleasure this time, he moved slowly and gently into her, gradually increasing the pace until he was deeply buried in her. Max held her waist and hammered fiercely and wildly into her. Nikki rocked her body forward and backward to match the rhythm, she managed to balance herself on one hand and she grabbed his balls with her other hand. He screamed and thrust heavily into her, pounding towards orgasm and he slammed into her one last time.

  ‘’ Oh Nikki! Oh Nikki!’’ he drawled as he buckled violently and shot his semen deep inside of her. Max crashed against the wall of the bathroom, completely drained of all energy. He managed to stand upright without leaning on the wall and held Nikki close. He turned on the hot water again and allowed it run through their bodies, they dried themselves and left the bathroom.  Exhausted and spent, they slept off.

  Nikki woke up sometimes during the night and decided her client has had enough rest so she covered his nipple with her mouth and pulled the hairs on his chest, Max snuggled and she slipped her fingertips down to his stomach, trailing her fingers across his belly button and down to his thighs, she drew circles on his flesh and he stirred restlessly. She leaned over him, cupped his balls in her hands and squeezed them gently, his eyelids fluttered and opened. She dragged her fingertips over his dick and he shivered in response, as if on cue, his dick also stood erect. Nikki slid onto him, rubbing her entire body over him and grinding her waist up and down his dick.

‘’ This is one hell of a way to start the day’’ Max whispered.

 She grinned and changed her position such that her mouth was directly above his dick while her ass was directly above his mouth, she bent her head and covered his erection with her mouth. He sighed heavily, grabbed her ass and brought it closer to his mouth, then he gently opened her pussy with his finger and delved into her with his tongue. She cried out loudly as he probed deeper and deeper into her and she softly nibbled the tip of his dick, he groaned and she rubbed his dick between her hands causing him to make a hissing sound.  Max opened the fold of her pussy, exposed the tiny bud and licked it thoroughly until she moaned loudly and grabbed his legs for support. He teased her clit with his fingers, rubbing the sensitive bud between two fingers and also placed wet tender kisses on it. His tongue explored every part of her pussy thoroughly and she cried out in intense pleasure when her orgasm came in clenching spasms causing her to jerk fiercely.

 Nikki changed her position once more and she straddled him, grinding her waist seductively over his erect dick as she bent to kiss his chest. She eased herself down unto him, crying out a little as he thrust up to meet her. He groaned at the moist warmness and pleasure her pussy gave him and he lost his mind.  She rode him fiercely and passionately with her hands on his chest and back arched. She whined her waist in circular motion, moved up and down, giving his dick enough space to travel deeper and higher into her. Max grabbed her boobs in his hands, squeezing and kneading them at the same time. He pinched her puckered nipples and she bit her lower lip to muffle her scream, she rocked him harder, increasing the pace until she felt waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She raised her ass and supported it with both hands so she could bounce harder on his dick.

Nikki paused for a minute to slow down her orgasm, placed her hands on her knees and rolled her waist in a circular motion. She rubbed her clit with a hand and squeezed her boob with the other hand, still bouncing up and down his dick. She threw her head back and moaned as pleasure rocked her entire body. Max moaned as she reached between their bodies to cup his balls in her hands, he needed to be inside her that very minute.

  ‘’I want you now’’ Max screamed and she chuckled.

  Then, holding her hips against his, he rolled over and began to thrust slowly into her, moving his hips expertly against hers. He felt tension build as he moved with deliberate slowness inside her. Nikki dragged him closer and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, running her tongue along his collarbone and neck. Max captured a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hungrily, teasing it with his tongue.  He  lifted her by placing both hands under her ass and positioned her so that every thrust ground him  against her clit and then, he increased the tempo and slammed his hips wildly against hers, hammering faster and faster, plunging into her until he felt her shudder in his arms as her orgasm hit her forcefully. She clenched her teeth and shivered, jerking in ecstasy. He spread her legs farther apart and pushed deeper into her until only his balls remained outside, he thrust violently into her and grabbed her ass with one hand. Nikki wrapped her arms tight around him, draped a leg across his shoulder and pinched his butt. He shoved hard into her forcefully and violently for the last time and he collapsed in her arms as he released loads of semen into her pussy. Completely sated and tired, he rolled off her .


   ‘’ London Escort Agency is truly the best Escort Agency ever’’ Max said as he fell into a deep sleep.

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